Upgrade Affordable Sex Machines with Universal Adapter


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Mehr Infos

Want to orgasm, "he" is enough! Sex in the depths, I make decision. Thrust speed of 0-450 beats per minute, this speed is others, don't give such pleasure is indescribable. Open the heart of the bundle, and release your inhibitions.

Upgrade Affordable Sex Machines for Women Automatic Masturbation Fucking Machine with Black Big Dildo

Machine gun voltage: DC-12V/24V

Machine Gun Power: 40W
Cannon machine function: before and after stretching Choucha
Choucha speed:0-420/minute
Thrusting force:About 8 kg
Telescopic distance: 6 cm telescopic
Dimensions: length 36cm width 13cm
Adjustable angle: 85 degree angle versatile angle adjustment
Machine Gun Power supply: 220V voltage power transformer and speed control knob comes
For people: men and women live alone, powerful libido for men and women, games, crowd, crowd-loving comrades

Package included:

1 x Sex Machine
1 xThe power supply with Speed governor
1 x Lengthened Extension Rod
1 x Dildo (Length 18cm ,Diameter 3.5cm)
1 x Super Huge Black Dildo(260*55mm)
1 x Power Adapter(EU Plug,AU Plug,UK Plug,US Plug don't need a connector)

Warm remind:

This equipment before use, please use 75% detergent scrub disinfection, and apply a small amount of lubricant, cooperate with condom use is better, oh. Fixed chuck down four feet are fixed in the plane of the table. Bed. Tiles or floor according to the power supply plug socket. Adjust the fixed level about the positive and negative twist two large screws, driving frequency adjusting rotation button can adjust the speed of appliance expansion, of course, also want to look at their own home is placed, prepared to previous, start the happy journey!

Note(Safety first )
Machine for the protection of human body, so with that in mind in the design. Encountered in bars will choose stopped when there is a big resistance, this can't just like any other machine in spite of all agitation, like this will hurt to uncover her nakedness. So when you are in the process of using suddenly stopped! Not a machine is broken, is machine launched the protective measures


(1) in the machine head besmear more lubricating oil! So the machine will not have met a lot of resistance. Run more smoothly!
(2) from the body and stick it in!
(3) turn off the power supply, open again!

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